Umar Farook

VP Business Development, India

Umar is the VP Business Development focused on India. He is based in Chennai.

Professional Background

Umar comes with extensive sales experience of over 16 years working as Head of Sales for India at ComputerVault Inc., as Head of Sales at Advans IT Services / netPultz, as Business Development Manager at Mcintellect Solutions Pvt. Ltd., as Product Sales Specialist at Redington (largest software distributor in India), and as BD Consultant at Siebel CRM. 
Umar has several OEM contacts in India and has high profile investors’ contacts in India, both will help Anew in a big way. Over the past several months Anew has built working relationships with over 20 OEMs and semis and Umar will take over them and drive the entire sales process from start to closure. Umar believes there are over 200 OEM indigenous and MNCs in India in the LLC markets and there is a big opportunity for Anew.

Educational Background

Umar has a B.Tech. in Information Technology from RVS Engineering College, Coimbatore, India.

Hobbies & Interests

In his spare time he works for a Human Rights Association in Chennai. Umar, his wife and two kids live in Chennai, India.

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