Sathyam Pattanam

President, CEO and Co-Founder

Sathyam is currently the President, CEO, Co-founder and a Board member of Anew Design Automation.

Professional Background

Sathyam has over 35+ years of experience in company, engineering and marketing management, in software development and PCB manufacturing. in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) companies and in PCB Manufacturing companies respectively.  Sathyam has worked at four Fortune-500 MNCs’ and in eight startups companies in his career where he has introduced innovative and commercially successful products.

Sathyam has led startups such as Karthik Electronics, Atrenta, and ArchPro Design Automation to successful mergers and acquisitions. Sathyam is currently also the Chairman, CTO, Co-founder at Sandfirst Inc., an Integrated and Circuits (IC) verification company. His prior management and executive roles were at Optima Design Automation, Avery Design Systems, Atrenta, Synopsys, ArchPro, BlueSpec, Cadence Design Systems, AT&T Bell Labs, Karthik Electronics and Hindustan Teleprinters Ltd. Sathyam’s experience in Electronic Design Automation (EDA) includes SoC Design, Low Power Verification, Electronic System Level Design and Verification, Logic Design Simulation/Formal Verification/Emulation, Fault Simulation and Integrated Circuit Layout Extraction, Design-rule Checking, and Compaction spanning over 35+ years. Sathyam started Karthik Electronics, a PCB manufacturing company in Chennai, India, right after his under graduation and successfully exited. In summary, Sathyam enjoys being a serial entrepreneur and in bringing innovative and financially successful products.

Sathyam has organized and participated in several panels and given talks at the IEEE conferences and is considered an EDA veteran and well known in the industry for his contributions.

Educational Background

Sathyam has a mini-MBA from Santa Clara University, USA, a MS (Computer Engineering) from Rutgers University, USA, and a B.Tech (Electronics) from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India.

Hobbies & Activities

Sathyam enjoys beaches, music, hiking, watching cricket, playing table-tennis and billiards in his leisure. Sathyam is also heading an NGO called Heading Dreamers in India now and plans to bring this to the USA as part of his philanthropic contribution.

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