Miguel Koch

VP Business Development, Europe and Israel

Miguel is the VP Business Development focused on Europe and Israel. He is based in Munich.

Professional Background

Miguel has been in EDA tools sales for over 35 years, covering most geographies of the world. He has held positions in all management positions, including General Management, VP, Regional Director, etc, in companies like Intergraph, Dazix, Silicon Graphics, Aptix and most recently Eve and Synopsys. Miguel is now applying the extensive experience in these fields at Anew Design Automation.

He advises and represents several companies in the current EDA landscape in multiple regions and applications, including the Sales Management at Concept Engineering, Real Intent, Optima and others.

Educational Background

Miguel has graduated in EE and post-graduated in Business Administration and Systems Engineering, all of them at the University of Buenos Aires.

Hobbies & Interests

Miguel enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, working on the Taekwondo black belt, doing a lot of traveling, playing some golf, and photography.

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